The world’s largest island, Indonesia sits at the western tip of the Equator. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia and has some of the finest shopping malls and shopping complexes in the world. There are hundreds of small shops in every town and village and they carry a variety of goods such as clothes, cosmetics, food, accessories, and jewellery. Shopping in Indonesia can be very affordable and there are many cheap flights to Java available from many different airlines.

What Can You Find In Indonesia?

In Indonesia, there are traditional markets where people sell everything from vegetables to apparel and handicrafts. There are also large street markets that bring a variety of goods from all over the country. Shopping in Indonesia can be very expensive and many of the larger towns and villages have only small roadside markets with a few stalls selling a few items and they are usually run by local people who make a living out of selling small wares.

The biggest malls in Indonesia can be found in Jakarta and Surabaya. These shopping centres are often packed with tourists who come to purchase electronics, clothing, and other goods. There are many cheap flights to Jakarta and Surabaya from most major cities and they can be very affordable for budget travellers.

Department stores are also common in Indonesia and many of them are chain stores. They are also located in shopping centers. Department stores have some of the best brands in the country and there is a great selection of merchandise. There are many cheap flights to Jakarta and Surabaya from most cities throughout Asia. Cheap flights to Java and other Indonesian cities can be found from most travel websites. Tourists who are on a budget often visit these large malls to purchase small items that they need for their daily living.


Indonesia is an emerging tourist country and there are many travelers who visit Indonesia each year. Cheap flights to Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia can be found through most online travel sites. Many of these online shopping centers have great discount offers and they sell everything from new clothes to old clothes. Most of the online stores have online ordering services where you can place your order through the internet and then it will be shipped directly to your home.

What Can You Find In Indonesia?

Indonesia has a diverse population and there are many different ethnic groups including Chinese, Malays, Indian, Eurasians and many more. You will find all kinds of foods in Indonesia including street food, dining establishments, fast food, cafes, bistros, specialty shops, hawker centres and specialty tea houses. There is even one antiques market in Jakarta, where you can buy old brass instruments, wooden chests, and other antiques. There are many great museums in Indonesia like the Jakarta Museum, the Tombs of Anger, and the miniatureaturae museum. Shopping in Indonesia is fun and you will be amazed at all the variety and prices of the items that you will find in Indonesia.

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