Things to See and Do in Bali

Bali – The Island of Gods

Here are 35 things to see and do in Bali (from the most touristy to the least kicked).

1. Soak up Balinese Hinduism (a unique religion in the world) at Pura Besakih, the mother temple of Bali and the most important on the entire island, located on the slope of Mount Agung. Actually, more than a temple, it is a group of temples since it has 22!

2. Explore Bali by motorcycle: this is the best advice we can give you! Bali lives much better having your own means of transport that takes you to every corner.

3. Enjoy Balinese gastronomy, for us one of the best in the world: spicy but delicate. Be sure to try the perkedel kentang (some potato croquettes that drove us crazy), satay with peanut sauce, satay lilit (some spiced fish skewers) gado-gado (salad with vegetables, prawn bread and peanut sauce) and pisang goereng (fried banana). Here we tell you more about the typical Indonesian dishes.

4. If you want to learn how to cook your favorite Balinese dishes, do not hesitate to sign up for a cooking course (they cost from € 20).
5. Another of the best things to see and do in Bali is to enjoy a route through the most beautiful lakes on the island: Lake Bratan, Tamblingan, Buyan and Batur.

6. Surf: whether you are a professional surfer or if you have never gotten on a board. Bali is one of the world’s surf paradises, take advantage of it! The best area is from Kuta down on the beaches on the west coast of the Bukit Peninsula. In this post we tell you which are the best beaches in Bali.

7. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable sunset, go to the Tanah Lot temple (for us it is another of the best things to see and do in Bali) in an idyllic setting. It will be a magical moment, although you will be accompanied by a few more travelers – let it be said.

8. Try one of the drinks most loved by Indonesians: bothol tea.

9. Take home handmade silver jewelry, masks carved by artisans, paintings or batik fabrics. But above all, do not go to any Elephant Park or Safaris, or Marine Parks … any place where they have animals locked up.

10- One of the most famous images of Bali is that of its rice fields, here the green acquires a unique and indescribable color! The best for us are those of Jatiluwih, although close to Ubud are those of Tegalalang. Make sure to visit (at least) one of these places.
bali forest
11. Get lost in the fruit and vegetable markets: always full of color and happy faces. Photographer will appreciate it.

12. Sign up for a Batik course: a decorative technique that consists of making drawings with liquid wax on fabrics. It’s really beautiful.

13. Talk to the locals, especially outside the tourist areas: you will be surprised to see the surreal and fun situations that are formed by interacting with the locals.

14. One of the best ways is to eat in the warungs, the cheap and delicious local restaurants! Don’t be afraid of the quality of the food: if there are locals, you eat luxury (and the food is fresh, of the day!). Eat from places, where you see locals. There are many places that you should avoid to eat in Bali.

15. One of the most liked temples is the Pura Gunung Kawi, with its royal tombs carved into the rock.

16. Give yourself a few hours of relaxation and happiness in one of the many SPAs on the island: the ones in Ubud are the best. Getting a Balinese massage is cheap (you can book it here ) and one of the best experiences to live on the island.

17. If you like trekking, don’t miss one of the most beautiful in Indonesia: climb Mount Batur, the most active volcano in Bali, to enjoy an unforgettable sunrise. There are excursions, like this one that costs about € 50, that take you from Ubud at dawn to see the sunrise from the top of the volcano. If you dare, it is another of the best things to see and do in Bali.

18. Throughout the island you will see many waterfalls, perhaps the most impressive are the Sekumpul Falls. They are close to Lovina, so you can use this town as a base to explore the north of the island.

19. Get married! Bali is one of the world’s romantic meccas… It’s not a super cheap experience, but hey, it’s a special occasion (and we suppose unforgettable).

20. We have already introduced you to some of the temples on the island. Although the one that fascinated us the most was Tirta Empul, where pilgrims come to purify themselves in beautiful pools. It is a place with a special magic and it is one of the best things to see and do in Bali.

21. One of the most curious temples on the island is Goa Lawah where thousands of bats sleep!
bali waterfall
22. Another curious temple is that of Goa Gajah with its ‘Elephant Cave‘, a cave with a huge mouth carved as a door.

23. Find out about the festivals and celebrations of Bali: it is an island rich in events and it is well worth participating in them to enjoy its most sacred and authentic side of Balinese Culture.

24. Bali is one of the perfect places to do a yoga retreat, if you are passionate about this discipline, do not hesitate to do it.

25. Have a very cool Bintang watching the sunset in Kuta or anywhere else on the island. Because any excuse is good to cool off, right?

26. Enjoy a Kecak dance exhibition, a dance, music and fire show that will leave you amazed.

27. One of the most beautiful temples in Bali (and in the world) is Uluwatu, which was built on top of a cliff above the sea.

28. If you like coffee (and tea) visit one of the many plantations where they are grown and you can do free tastings (if you like it later you can buy spices, chocolates or Balinese tea to take home). Of course, do not try the Kopi Luwak, locals will tell you why.

29. Keep quiet during Nyepi Day, the Balinese New Year: during this day everyone in Bali should stay at home (or in hotels) without making noise. It is a day of reflection that serves to purify the soul.

30. Stroll through the Reserve of the Monkey Forest of Ubud: here live more than 600 monkeys -some not so monkeys- (be careful with your belongings and food!). If you survive it will be a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

31. If you want to know underwater Bali, we advise you to snorkel and / or dive in the Nusa Lembongan, Amed and Pemuteran area.

32. Discover Canggu, the most hipster Bali and full of instagrammer-friendly places.

33. Visit the Ubud Palace to realize the greatness that the Balinese people came to have.

34. If you want to indulge in a whimsical dinner at a beach bar on Jimbaran Beach: one day is one day!

35. Take the occasional dip in the beaches of Bali: from the black sand of Lovina to the blue of Dreamland. Although if you are looking for paradisiacal seas and beaches, consider a getaway to the Gili Islands. Or to Nusa Penida (tour takes you to the main points of the most fashionable island of Indonesia)