Tourism in Indonesia is not only a delight to see, it is also very beneficial to the economy of the country. Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, has a coastline along the Equator and the Pacific Ocean, between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. It also has mountains and deserts all over its huge landmass. It is very diverse in terms of culture, tradition, geography and climate, making it a great tourist spot for all kinds of travellers.


How Does The Industry Work?

The tourism industry in Indonesia is characterized by high diversity and dynamic development. In recent years, major Indonesian islands have been added to the national tourism product portfolio. Major islands include the island of Borneo, Indonesia’s largest island and the largest island in the West Pacific; islands in South East Asia; islands in the Malay Peninsula; and islands in the Northern Philippines. Indonesia is home to some of the most exotic and varied flora and fauna in the world, which attract tourists from all over the world.

Borneo is home to numerous awe-inspiring natural sites, with the beaches in particular being breathtakingly beautiful. Spending an enjoyable vacation in Borneo is an ideal way to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. One of the most popular beaches in Borneo is called the Kuta beach, located on the north part of Kuta island. Here tourists can enjoy the sand, sea, sun and soft sand. It’s a small community surrounded by shade trees and receives about a million visitors a year.

Islands In Indonesia

The largest island of Java in Indonesia boasts of numerous pristine beaches, some of which attract tourists by the thousands every year. The island is located in the central part of the Java Sea. Its sandy beaches are surrounded by tall cliffs and dotted by many coconut plantations and tea and coffee plantations. The waters off the beaches are filled with fish, turtles, dolphins and other marine wildlife.

East Timor has a large number of small islands and it is home to the small town of Dambwa. The island is home to many national parks and nature reserves, including a reserve for tigers. Dambwa is the largest island of East Timor, which boasts of a large number of sandy beaches and white sandy beaches. The Timor Sea is the largest and deepest inland sea in Indonesia. It also features a rich underwater environment. Many tourists come here to dive and snorkel in the many national and international marine sanctuaries found here.

Places To Visit

East Timor is home to Banyar Volcano, which is active during the summertime. Tourists can hike to the top of the mountain and admire the breath-taking scenery. Other than Banyar Volcano, the island is also famous for its large number of wildlife parks and sanctuaries. It is home to the largest number of flying foxes, which can be seen at several times during the year. Indonesia is a perfect holiday destination because of the variety of attractions that it offers tourists. This is one of the few island destinations in the world where you will find a variety of beaches, volcanoes, rainforests and wildlife, not to mention the many tropical fruits, vegetables and tropical wines that are grown in the country.