Travelling is the transfer of individuals between different distant geographic locations. Travel can be performed by air, sea, train, bicycle, car, boat or any other means and is one way or round trip travelling. There are many places that have a thriving travel industry and Bali is one such place. People from all over the world visit Bali for various reasons like cultural and tourist attractions, as the natural recreational playground, medical care facility and also the location for trading with the Asian countries.

There is nothing more spectacular and beautiful on this earth than Bali beach, situated on the western coast of Asia and famous for its spectacular sunset, sunrise and the most amazing thing in Bali, Elephant Point. Travelling to Bali is a very adventurous act as it is a place full of wild animals and breathtaking scenery that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world apart from Bali. We were supposed to go on holiday to Bali 2 years ago, but then the pandemic came and we had to postpone it. Now, with the mass vaccination, we have finally gathered the courage to go on such a long trip.

travel planning

Plan Your Trip In Advance

The first lesson that we’ve learned so far from our journey is that planning is key. The new way of travelling requires more in-depth planning and scheduling than before and every hour counts. Most vacations now are planned more restrictively and more carefully than before the pandemic. Keep in mind the entry requirements of the country you intend to visit, so make sure you check the official sources before you start planning. We made our travel arrangements online and there is plenty of info that you can use when doing so. Since our departure airport was Heathrow, we used the Heathrow website to inform ourselves of the updates and some requirements for travel.

The Covid-19 tests were also booked at Heathrow airport and we cannot recommend them enough. For our journey, we needed to have PCR tests with negative results taken within 48 hours before departure. Given that Heathrow has its own testing centres we didn’t think too much and booked our PCR tests at Heathrow. We were surprised to see the option to book a Heathrow PCR test 3 hours as it seems quite unbelievable, given that almost all laboratories offer results within 24 hours only.  Luckily, the Heathrow PCR test 3 hours was available and it saved us an extra journey and so much of our time.

Heathrow PCR Test

How The Heathrow PCR Test 3 Hours Is Performed?

When booking your Heathrow PCR test 3 hours it is advised to allow some extra time before your departure as Heathrow airport is quite big and getting from one place to another usually takes time, especially if you have. a lot of luggage. When we went for our test, we had everything planned and in practice and it all went as anticipated. The test only took a few minutes and then you just wait for your results to be sent back to you at your email address. Make sure you provide them with the right personal details when you make your booking to avoid any mistakes being made on your Covid-19 certificate.

Final Words

When travelling internationally it is advised to pack for emergencies and have first help medication available at any point with you. Given the health crisis, we should take extra care of ourselves and not rely on health institutions heavily. We learned that during our journey, seeing how holidaymakers have become more and more responsible. And this is not the only lesson our society has learned from the pandemic. We are all more appreciative of our experiences and our free time in nature. During the lockdowns, most of us dreamed about enjoying the natural beauties of the world around us along with the tranquillity of the environment and peace. And now thanks to the testing and vaccination advancement this is finally possible. Still, a lot of people now prefer to travel locally in their cars and go for long hours of sightseeing and hitchhiking just because they are afraid to get infected with the virus. We have taken the risk and can say that travelling can be safe as long as you do it responsibly.