July 19, 2017
July 21, 2017

Best Restaurants In Bali – Sea Vu Play

Bali. The very name conjures up images of sandy beaches, endless sun, white sands, tropical drinks and amazing food. With respect to food and restaurants, Bali has a sea of riches and Sea Vu Play is undoubtedly amongst the best restaurants in Bali. For the seasoned visitor, finding the best food in this tropical paradise may now be a thing of the past, especially if you’ve dined at Sea Vu Play. For a first-time visitor, however, choosing where to dine is no idle decision. It requires research and homework and to save you from all that, Sea Vu Play is here.

At Sea Vu Play, the focus is on good quality ingredients and authentic hearty cuisine. The philosophy here isn’t about fusion dishes, its about serving up the real deal. You’ll see lots of delicious sea food dishes, including some seaside classics like fish and chips. While we’re all about fun, we take our food seriously. Hailing from Morocco, Head Chef Abi brings years of experience from a range of restaurants around the world to the kitchen to ensure that every meal is perfect when it arrives at your table.

There’s a massive selection of restaurants in Petitenget, and Sea Vu Play is here to offer you all the services that you need. Experience great flavor served up with a whole bundle of fun at Sea Vu Play. More than just a restaurant, Sea Vu Play offers diners sumptuous meals served in a casual environment. There is no dress code at Sea Vu Play; customers are encouraged to come dressed casually but hungry with an appetite for the good times.

What separates Sea Vu Play from other establishments in the area is its commitment to fun. The restaurant operates on a simple premise: dining out should never be routine. If an individual, a family or a large party have taken the time and expense to dine out, it is incumbent upon the restaurant to ensure the dining experience is memorable. Sea Vu Play embodies this simple philosophy and that’s why when you’ve visited once, you’ll be sure to return.

The restaurant’s décor harkens back to the days of pirates and sea tales. Located in beautiful Petitenget, Sea Vu Play offers an eclectic menu, inspired by Mediterranean and Asian flavours.   Try the grilled octopus, the pan fried snapper or the braised lamb shank. We also make some of the best pizzas this side of Chicago. The Funky Dory menu offers tantalizing appetizers, including calamari, fish and chips, soft shell crab sliders and much more. Each dish is served to order, prepared by award-winning chefs.

Sea Vu Play has a full bar with an emphasis on specialty drinks. From the Wasted Watermelon to the Passion Fruit Mojito to the Land Ho, there’s drink to suit every thirst. In addition to specialty drinks, Sea Vu Play has an extensive variety of beers, wines, and spirits. They even have milkshakes for the young one, or as a refreshing beverage for guests of any age.

Sea Vu Play offers group packages for larger dining parties. These packages are divided into two types: buffet and sharing. The buffet menu costs Rp. 200k++ per pax; the sharing menu costs Rp. 300k++ per pax.

Sea Vu Play is at the heart of Petitenget’s thriving nightlife Scene. There’s a full programme of events, such as Friday Crew Nights and Sea Vu Play Saturdays. The restaurant opens at 4 pm. The restaurant offers boat bar stools as well as VIP docks and beach huts for groups. Patrons to sit in the rum jungle, located in the center of the restaurant. There are picnic tables for those customers who wish to dine outside. There is also a full second bar so no matter how busy we get you’ll never be left waiting long for a drink.

In addition to recurring weekly events, Sea Vu Play offers special events, including  the Sunday Market, which feature great DJs, cuisine, and crafts as well as international items from vendors.  Sea Vu Play prides itself on creating a calm, relaxing and fun environment. Management encourages patrons to wear their most comfortable vacation wear. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes for dancing and special events. Reservations are recommended. Motorbike parking is onsite and valet service is available. Seating capacity is 200 but the restaurant can comfortably accommodate 500 (including standing) for special events.

Sea Vu Play also regularly screens a range of sporting events. From State of the Nation rugby, to AFL, boxing, Formula 1, tennis and more you can keep up to date with the latest sporting action when you’re in Bali. Large screen TVs are set up around the venue, so you’ll be sure of a great view of the action, and the fun atmosphere, and grat food and drinks makes Sea Vu Play the perfect place to watch the match for all the family. If there’s a group of you, why not reserve one of the VIP Boat Sheds? You’ll have a plenty of seating, a large table to pile high with food and drinks, and a private TV just for your group, so you’ll not miss a moment of the action on screen.

Whether a first-time or frequent visitor, individuals traveling to Petitenget should include Sea Vu Play on their itinerary. More than just a restaurant, Sea Vu Play captures the spirit and flavour of Bali as a beachside destination. From local to exotic fare, from rum to specialty drinks, Sea Vu Play provides customers with a truly unique dining experience.