A Sunday Well Spent at Sea Vu Play’s Bali Market

Bali markets is a new holiday destination for anyone who embraces the whole coastal living in this island right to its essence. Sunday markets in Bali is popular among the locals, and now such lifestyle has made its way as popular weekend activities for the holidaymakers. It’s not something too touristy, it has a taste of the locals, and basically, who doesn't love to shop when you are traveling? Common public Sunday Markets usually took place between a closed road, in an open field, or sometimes inside a building. However, expect something totally different when it comes to the trendy Seminyak, as the fun and the beach-inspired trend here might come with a little twist to surprise you. The uptown Seminyak might be all about glamour shops and high-end restaurants, but when the weekend arrives it welcomes its own merry version of Bali Seminyak markets. At Sea Vu Play, your regular Sunday market will be far from boring as this Bali Markets is set around the restaurant’s deep nautical setting and vibrant tropical atmosphere.

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Bali Seminyak Markets

Every first Sunday of the month, the funky restaurant and bar Sea Vu Play host their Sunday Market. Once you enter the venue, you will agree that Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Market is the best markets in Bali. It’s a feast of color blended merrily with maritime tradition. Who can resist for afternoon shopping between the rum barrels and palm trees with strip poles standing joyfully at the background? We all know how many situations of the market affects our sense of comforts, and all the joyful decoration at Sea Vu Play will surely add extra fun vibes to your overall shopping experience


The slow Sunday is just perfect to set a sail into Sea Vu Play, the time when this maritime-themed restaurant is turning its open space palm-lined yard into a vibrant urban market. Set in the middle of all thing nautical, the Sunday Market is filled with sailing days vibes where the sun and the wind let out the chill mood.

That’s it until the sun is down and the fairy lights are lit. Your slow Sunday afternoon at this chic Bali Markets quickly turn into a fun-filled bar when the DJ start dropping the bass and the crowd pouring in. This is the perfect time to sit down at one of Sea Vu Play’s wooden table with your group and recounting your journey through the stalls, adoring the items that has made its way to your shopping bag while sipping Margherita from the restaurant.

Strolling around the Bali local markets, you will find dozens of delicious food and drink stalls lined up the venue. It’s a fun way to get something unusual for weekend treat lunch or early dinner. Instead of getting stuck in the mall, head out into the open air and discover the one-of-a-kind markets in Bali at Sea Vu Play Sunday Market. A trip to Bali is never complete without popping into Sea Vu Play, a leading restaurant and bar in the posh Seminyak. Sea Vu Play is vibrating with strong nautical theme, fun and a great place for all the family.

The Sea Vu Play Sunday Markets are regular crown pullers and not to be missed. The Sunday Market is a regular event held at Sea Vu Play where local brands, renowned artists, and shoppers come together under one roof. It is as if the event’s organizers wanted to inject fun into the otherwise stressful shopping experience.

The event has pulled numerous renowned artists drawn from different genres to keep people entertained while they shop. Some popular artists who have graced the event include Trigan Young, OCHY and EL Band, Kusasi and Bian. The DJ booth is also action-packed, with the top DJs giving revelers with a dose of the latest music hits.

So don’t miss the next edition of the Sea Vu Play Sunday Markets to catch most of these regular acts putting on a memorable live performance.

Bore Be Gone!

Bali and shopping love to stand together in one sentence. Aside from the busy party and beach club, chic shops, and local markets are blooming around Bali’s touristy spot. If you have spent some time hopping from one market to another, however, you will find that lots of items are repeating itself in hundreds of stalls. You gotta see the same woven basket, the same type of hat, the “I Love Bali” tote bags and other typical souvenirs hanging in every corner.

That’s not what you gonna find at Sea Vu Play Sunday Market. Indigenous and original, we had the honor of hosting some of the best and most popular brands in Indonesia, with the list growing larger each year. The brands are from different sectors including beauty, fitness, clothing and even boating.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. There are tons of fun activities to do at the Sunday Markets. Why not grab your mates and indulge in a good old game of beer pong? The Sea Vu Play Sunday Markets are always a family-oriented event and in line with this, children are given utmost priority in the fun. The event features fun kid activities including bouncing castles, swings and slides.

Attending the event provides you with an opportunity of getting discounts on high-end products from some of these brands. It’s not every day that one gets top brands such as The Lost Gem, Johny Zebro, NATOAKA, Resil Rivera, Kaikoabali, The Boogaloo Bali, Kanak Pants, Fera Jewels, and The Bali Boat Shed among others, all in one place.

Looking for something to munch? The hawker food stalls are grilling and preparing their tasty bites. The food section is up for you to taste a little bit of everything. After indulging yourself in sweet treats, homemade cheese, or anything interesting to your palate, it’s time to move on to the next stalls and see what other unique items you can bring home!

Bore be gone, there will always be something unique lies at every stall. Designers from all across the regions open their table at Sea Vu Play Sunday Market, many of which will compel you to make frequent stop even just to admire their authenticity. This monthly Bali Markets Seminyak comes with a lot of fun twists in every corner and is totally worth the wait.

A Sunday Market You’ll Love

What makes a Sunday market at Sea Vu Play so special? The rarity of it? The eclectic mixture of stalls selling tropical shirts and lovely handmade bangle and pendant? Or maybe it’s about the great live DJ music that spices up your Sunday slow shopping to the next level.

Each month, a multitude of independent crafters, designers, and artisans are gathering around the quirky Sea Vu Play and set up their stall and present their best works. Every time it’s held, the Sunday Market feels like a little celebration of creative mind and tropical living in the island. Every thing at the table come from a passionate hand, and you will find all of the sellers are loving what they sell.

Strolling around this unique Bali market, you might encounter clever tee shirts that make you instantly pop out from the gang or signature scented candles for a pampering treat. From beach-ready bikinis, cute top and bottoms, woven hats, statement necklaces, the tropical-infused man wear, to leafy patterned drawstring backpack and locally made shoes, everything at the tables literally tries to steal your heart away.

Don’t be afraid to browse at their collection of beach-ready dresses. Be it colorful or white, they definitely make a good part to enjoy the Bali breeze. And If you keep an eye out enough, you will find hidden gems for the loved ones back at home.

Most of the stalls are dominated by young designers and entrepreneurs, so expect to find urban gems, trendy items, or a twist on an interpretation of Balinese traditional culture. Coming to this bazaar, you might leave with some of the best things you ever buy during your Bali holiday. Some that might spark curious question, “where did you buy it?” when you go back home.

Sea Vu Play Sunday Market is not the typical Sunday Markets where you are left wondering where to sit altering wandering around the strip of stalls, and that’s the thing that will make you love this market even more. That’s the major plus when you arrange a Markets inside a restaurant; you got plenty of bench and chairs to rest your feet.

Though you have nothing to buy, the environment at Sea Vu Play Sunday Market is just to die for. Dozens of stalls pop between palm trees, and above them hang colorful triangle banner—walking on the pavement feel like entering a merry market in the middle of a cheery jungle. Everything is worth a shoot, even for the artsy product that is laid aesthetically at the tables.

You know you are spending your money right when every piece you buy is a work of art. Topped with super comfy and instagrammable venue, you gonna feel the urge to come back every month to our Sunday Market.

So don’t miss the next Sea Vu Play Sunday Market. You might end up walking away with a deal of a lifetime.

Get in Touch with Blooming Local Community

What’s your holiday consist of? A play in the beach followed by street shopping trips at the beach town and parties at night? A visit to the island’s popular attraction?

Well, your holiday can be much more than that. Being in Bali doesn't only meant cultivating its beauty. Sometimes it’s about engaging with the local community and giving appreciation to support its growth. And that’s as simple as shopping at shopping at Bali local market to make your contribution towards the local industry.

Make way to Sea Vu Play Sunday Market, where a growing number of emerging artists are gathering and serving a fulfilling shopping adventure. The cute knick-knacks may remind you of the fun times on the island, but sharing a laugh with the maker of a product you love is what you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Since it first launching at 2017, the lively Sea Vu Play Sunday Market keep attracting a growing number of local designers, artisans, and emerging brands to town and you will definitely love their thoughtful products—it will quickly become your favorite Markets in the island. And you will not only be pleased with a full range of shopping option.

Having poured lots of passion and efforts toward their products, our artisan seller will be more than happy to engage in delightful conversation with you about their works. These friendly designers will love to tell you about the story behind their products, something that may leave you inspired to hear. They will welcome your curiosity and will not push you to buy something from their stalls. Talking about pushy vendors!

Make your time in the island more fulfilling by connecting to the local community, where plenty of new talents are waiting to be heard. Under Sea Vu Play’s roof, the monthly weekend bazaar is meant to mingle with likeminded crowds and sharing stories with cheery merchants. A neighborly environment full of talented business that will awe you and get you inspired!

Held with a great concept, this urban-cool Bali Markets has created a real, grounded creative community in the middle of upscale Seminyak. It brought creative minds together to appreciate the good works. Music, laughter and quality products fill the air. The welcoming feel of Sea Vu Play Sunday Market gives will make you feel like spending an eventful evening at a home of a dear friend.

A Slow Retreat

While most Sunday market requires you to get up early, Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Markets will only start from 2 pm until 10 pm, giving you plenty of time to get up from bed. You don't need to rush in the blind morning to get the best product before it runs out. Instead, take your time in the morning and do everything you need to do in a Sunday morning; making breakfast, running errands, do the morning jogs, surfing in the beach, or just simply taking time to rest.

When the afternoon comes, it’s time to head up to this little Petingenget gem and spend the rest of the day shopping, eating, and socializing at the Sea Vu Play Sunday Market. Sunday market is the place to unwind yourself from the busier days and leisurely strolling around the pop up stalls for an afternoon shopping and admiring cute decorations of the merchants.

At Sunday Market, everything happened in a slow pace, spoiling, and everything in between. Every kind of lazy leisure is a legitimate thing to do. Eat some new snacks from the stalls, taste lots of tasters, or find interesting item to spice up your life a little bit. You can let yourself loose and just enjoy the energy of lively afternoon trade. And when your tummy starts growling, take a rest between the shops to indulge in the restaurant’s Mediterranean cuisines.

A leisure day in the weekend calls for the Sunday crowds who are coming to finds pieces from cool urban designers, original accessories, and thoughtfully designed clothing. For you who grow tired of finding similar items here and there at any Bali Markets out there, the works of renowned artists at Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Market are definitely a fresh breathe of air.

Creative minds will be pleased to look at creative works that the artists made. There is always something cool at every corner. It’s fun to just take a walk and browse through the stalls and see how creative people turn up this way. The carefully selected artisans and designers create an environment of talented business that we hope will fill your soul in one fine Sunday afternoon.

A Playdate for The Whole Family

Bali Seminyak markets are essentially all about the shop—but something different is happening at Sea Vu Play. Usually, a trip to Sunday Markets is about Mummy shopping enthusiastically while the rest of the family try to keep up with her pace. It’s doesn’t take long for Daddy to get bored and the kids to lose interest.

Sea Vu Play Sunday Market is growing bigger and better than ever, and we value Sunday shopping as a great way for families to have a great time together. At this Bali Market, a family will walk happily with their own preferable things to do in mind. Take your time browsing around the popup stalls, while the little ones are busy with their own fun activities to do, including art-making and face painting. Don't be surprised when they are back with green-orange cheeks and the wide grin on their face!

Needs something for the little ones? Take the spirit of Sea Vu Play and embrace the nautical theme at its finest—the girls can have a cute mermaid tail and they will absolutely love to wear it!

Shopping is not the only thing you can do here. A number of professional artists will gladly help you to get ink your body with cool tattoo design or get your tarot read. Want to spice up this weekend? get your significant other for couple tarot reading and see what the cards say about you!

Having so much fun at the bazaar calls for delicious food to stuff your belly. Your family will be happy to dig on Sea Vu Play’s generous pizza and selection of special platters. And there are pitchers to refresh everyone in the family!

From lunch until dinner you’ll find something on the menu to tempt you every day of the week, from Mediterranean sharing platters to seaside favorites like fish and chips. And the drink menu deserves some of your attention too – packed full of rum inspired and signature cocktails as well as well-loved classics and non-alcoholic drinks for the young visitors.

From Sunday Market to Weekend Party

It’s easy to slip into a party at Sea Vu Play Sunday Market. Have we told you that Sea Vu Play is not your typical Sunday Market? While sellers at other Sunday Bali local Markets begin to clean their table and close their stall once the sun slides off to the west, Sea Vu Play’s Sunday Market extend far after the sky turned dark and the lights are on.

The bazaar lasts until 8 pm, and this is a place where you can instantly slip into salty babes or sexy sailors form your casual self. You gotta experience shopping in totally different light, literally, when the nautical Sea Vu Play is flooded with technicolor lamps and turned into an animated night market. What was a casual shopping in the afternoon spiced up to energetic after-party under the command of your Live DJ.

Sea Vu Play’s experienced movers and shakers know too well what you need after a good shop; it’s time for a good drink! Under the shack, you will find selections of drink as well as our famous twist on signature drink that you’ll definitely love.

Blend into the pouring crowd with one of our selection of rum in your hand. Rum favorites such as Barcadi Light, Myers Dark, Captain Moran, and Havana Club always popular to the second round! Get into the heart of the party and have a good laugh your favorite designer with the best Tequilla shot—Jose Cuervo, Patron Anejo, Patron Silver, and Patron Cave are ready to boost your socializing skills.

Maybe you just want to relax in the Rum Jungle after spending some time shopping between the tables and just enjoy the hype. Under the canopy of palm trees, something tropical is your best friend. Take a shot of our tropical cocktails, the mix of rum and plenty of fresh fruit in Pineapple Coco Mojito, the refreshing Lychee Martini, Very Berry Frozen Daiquiry, or the exotic Frozen Jalapeño Margarita.

The quirkiness of Sea Vu Play is enough to make it stand out of its own, but the thing that places Sea Vu Play in a league of its own is the events the restaurant hosts on a regular basis. This includes the recent “GHOST SHIP” Halloween Party, the 2017 Melbourne Cup and Tropical Nights. These events are crowd-pullers, with each edition attracting scores of people.

Have your Sunday market shopping been merrier than this?