sea vu play is Bali’s leading venue with great food, drinks and music
July 21, 2017
Nightlife In Bali Is Best Spent At Sea Vu Play. With The Islands Best Food, Dj’s And Drinks. We’ve Got It All
Nightlife In Bali
August 2, 2017
Bali Indonesia nightlife – party all day and night at sea vu play. With the island best dj’s and music we will keep you entertained. We’ve got it all right here

Bali Indonesia Nightlife – The Best At Sea Vu Play

Bali Indonesia nightlife - bali best night out at sea vu play. We’ve got it all here. Drinks, food and island best DJ’s

A Visit to Sea Vu Play is a Must While in Bali written by: Farydah With a quirky play on words that is sure to bring a smile to your face, Sea Vu Play is a nautically themed restaurant that is a must-visit if you are looking to partake in Bali Indonesia nightlife. Our restaurant is inspired by maritime traditions and provides our patrons with an exciting and entertaining venue, whether you are looking for a place to eat or have some drinks with your friends. We believe that being on holiday should be fun, so you can let your hair down and dive into seaside escapism at Sea Vu Play. Our menu


At Sea Vu Play, we take the entertainment just as seriously You can be guaranteed of experiencing a great time as we provide regular events to keep you and your friends busy as you enjoy your food and drinks. Our main highlight is the Crew Night, held every Friday night. We host some of the best DJs in Bali during, to ensure you dance the night away with the very best tunes. We have a tradition of giving DJs center stage on our crew nights, listen to beats provided by the likes of legendary DJs, for example, Andy Chunes, Wisdy and Raff Track and guest visiting DJs.

Sports Bar

Bali Indonesia nightlife – come see us here for the best nightlife in Bali. We have it all from food to music to a full sports bar to catch all the latest action

For some getting the chance to watch their favorite sports teams with fellow revelers as they indulge in their favorite drink. Provides the ideal night – is right up your alley for your entertainment needs. There are multiple large screen televisions installed all over the premises to ensure that patrons do not miss any of the action. Additionally, we also have an extensive schedule of the different sporting fixtures, so you can be assured not to miss a single match. Some of the favorite sports viewed over drinks include the Grand Prix, rugby, Formula 1, tennis, boxing, football and more. If you would like to watch sports with your friends undisturbed, we could arrange for a private beach hut where you can enjoy the night on your own. These huts have a large screen television and the Sea Vu Play Crew will ensure that your table is fully stocked with food and drinks.

Special Events

Sea Vu Play hosts a range of special events, year round.  If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, have a bachelorette party or a stag night, class reunion, engagement party and more, our restaurant would be the ideal place to have some unadulterated fun with your friends. In addition to this, we also host themed parties based on the time of the year including as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and more.
A major selling point of eating at Sea Vu Play is that you will not find any deconstructed dishes. We thrive to make your dining experience as authentic as possible so what will be available to you are food items prepared with premium ingredients and using traditional recipes. There is a wide assortment of menu items to choose from ranging from flatbreads for your entrées, salads, pasta and of course seafood to stay within our coastal theme. At the head of our galley is Chef Abi, who originally hails from Morocco but set sail for Indonesia over ten years ago. With his extensive experience and expertise garnered from working in the finest hotels all over the world, patrons are always served with healthy yet wholesome dishes on the menu.


Bali Indonesia nightlife – come join us here for the best music and food in Bali. We also have a full sports bar to keep you updated with the latest sports action

A nautical theme wouldn’t be complete without a spectacular drinks menu. Therefore, you can expect to be amazed by the amount of rum we have on board! International brands such as Bacardi light, Myers Dark, Captain Morgan and Havana Club are all part of our drinks repertoire, ensuring high-end beverage options for you. Nonetheless, if rum is not your choice poison, then you could indulge in our tequila shots choosing from Patron Café or Jose Cuervo. For groups of people who would like to share their drinks, there is a broad range of pitchers that you could buy including margaritas, sangria and martinis. All these drinks can be ordered in party size, thus, the more the merrier! Sea Vu Play is also renowned for its delicious cocktail menu. Some of the popular cocktails our customers love indulging in include our Very Berry Frozen Daiquiri, Wasted Watermelon, Pink Flamingo, Passion Fruit Mojito and more. Therefore, you can get your favorite cocktail with a tropical twist to it to match the island theme of our restaurant. For patrons who prefer a relaxed drink to match the relaxed ambience, you have the freedom to order from our wine list or indulge in some champagne. Lastly, if you are a teetotaler, this does not mean that you cannot have some fun and enjoy tasty drinks. Sea Vu Play has numerous non-alcoholic beverages on offer too for example mocktails, refreshing natural juices, milkshakes and more.


Bali Indonesia nightlife – come party with us. We have the best of Bali’s DJ and incredible food and drinks to keep your energy up so you can party in the late hoursThe décor of Sea Vu Play has been well thought out to ensure that it complements your dining experience. The first thing you will notice as you walk into our restaurant is the bold and vibrant colors, creating a sense of fun. Moreover, our boat-shaped bar will make you feel like you set sail and washed up to the shore of our whimsical island. Whether you like a cold beer to cool off in the Bali heat or prefer tasty cocktails to get the party started, our extensive drinks menu is guaranteed to provide you with exactly what you need to accompany your food.

Family Fun

Sea Vu Play welcome the whole family on any day of the week, but our Sunday Markets really are a treat for all the family. Stroll around the rim jungle where you’ll find a range of products from both local and international brands on offer. Not only that, there are plenty of fun and games organized for the kids, and when the shopping gets too much grab a stool at the bar and enjoy your favorite drink.