Nightlife In Bali Is Best Spent At Sea Vu Play. With The Islands Best Food, Dj’s And Drinks. We’ve Got It All
Nightlife In Bali
August 2, 2017
August 3, 2017
Bali Bar – Bali’s Number One Nightlife Venue

Bali Bar – Sea Vu Play Seminyak

Bali Bar with good food, gorgeous thematic deco, good DJs, regular events, and an all-round rich, exciting experience, plus value for money to top it off; does all that sound too good to be true to you? Live and breathe in the ultimate in-island life experience; look no further – head on over to Sea Vu Play. Fun, great food, awesome drinks and rockin’ nightlife. This is what Sea Vu Play is all about.

Bali Bar – The Best Food, Drinks And Nightlife At Sea Vu Play Bali

The Best Food, Drinks And Nightlife At Sea Vu Play Bali brings a whole new dimension to nightlife. Throw all your inhibitions when you step foot in this place because once you’re inside, the drinks will keep coming, the food will fly in and the beats will keep you pumping! There’s a wide array of alcoholic drinks. What’s a good party without some tequila? Choose from Jose Cuervo or Café Patron and feel the heat of the party vibe all around you. Rum-based cocktails are also on the menu – Wasted Watermelon, Passion Fruit Mojito, Pink Flamingo, Pineapple Coco Mojito and Very Berry Frozen Daiquiri just to name a few. And if you’re feeling extra social and want the party to come to you, they also have drinks by the pitcher – sangria, martinis and oh la la, margaritas. You’ll definitely be the star of the party. Want no alcohol? No worries, they got you covered. According to Food on Fork, Sea Vu Play Bali Bar is the place “if you’re looking for a place to chill after spending an entire day out at the beach, Sea Vu Play might just be the perfect spot for a night of fun and debauchery.” Sea Vu Play also offers non-alcoholic drinks in their menu such as juices, mocktails, a strong cup of coffee and some delicious milkshakes. Whether you want it simple or fancy, grab a beer or a glass of wine, you’ll definitely be fueled for your party!

Did we mention food? Sea Vu play is one of the best restaurants in Seminyak? Sea Vu Play’s food is authentic and true to its heritage. Keeping it simple, without compromising quality, dining here is a fun and delicious experience for everyone.

Bali Bar – Bali’s Leading Venu Is Sea Vu Play For The Most Fun In Bali

Influenced mostly by Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, Sea Vu Play lays out a range of starters, main dishes and desserts. From pizzas, flat breads and pastas, to the fresh island offerings such as grilled fish and stewed seafood, and even the Aussie’s classic chicken parmigiana, Sea Vu Play makes sure that diners all have a great time when they eat. Enjoy your cheese-festa for you Mediterranean meal fill; try out Prosciutto, or stuff yourself with Sea Vu Play Dirty Double Cheese Burger, complete with Jalapeno relish, yum! Meat lovers can enjoy Lamb Souvlaki, Captain’s Feast, the slow-cooked lamb shank, and well, go ahead and check out the menu if these mouthwatering mentions of food galore didn’t entice you already.

Head Chef Abi’s passion for creating simple, authentic but utterly delicious food translates into an unbeatable experience when eating at Sea Vu Play. With your food handled by a seasoned chef onboard, cease your questions about the quality or the taste of your meals. Over a decade ago, the seasoned Head Chef sailed from the faraway land of Morocco, together with his abundance of experience and expertise, he sailed forth to Indonesia. First resuming his chef duties in the capital of Jakarta—serving restaurants and hotels with the utmost details to quality. Healthy and impeccably presented food are what the chef is known for. Later, he brought with him his years of expertise under his belt, finally sailing to Bali, where a certain nautical restaurant then caught winds of the chef’s aptitude and asked for his assistance. Right now, the head chef is a part of the Sea Vu Play integral crew, ready to deliver to you more than just delicacies, but experience.

Why not try out food combo for a dinner filled with tongue-pampering fiesta. Mixed seafood platter for starters is something pretty exciting as a starter. Lighter than meat and seasoned just enough to be perfectly scrumptious. Or if you prefer something with more greens to start off, a bowl of chicken caesar salad plus grilled prawns would kick your meal off is particularly delectable. Psssstt, we’ve been told by our lovely diners that the grilled prawns are especially yum. For a meaty night, maybe you would have a lot on your plate (literally) with some lambs, Australian lamb souvlaki and braised lamb shank might just be your food romance for the day.

Bali Bar – Sea Vu Play Is Bali Leading Nightlife Venue

Bali’s Leading Venue Is Sea Vu Play For The Most Fun In Bali Nightlife isn’t complete without some beats to liven up the dance floor as you dance the night away. Crew Nights every Friday and Sea Vu Play Saturdays are regular events and play hosts to resident and visiting DJs who keep the good times pumping. Regulars behind the decks include Wisdy, Andy Chunes, Raff Track and others, all icons on the nightlife Bali circuit. If music drives you, wakes you up, gets you pumping, and, at the end of the day, the correct tune chills you down, then the place is just right up your alley. DJs get the party started. Music is a perfect blend of new catchy melodies and old goodies. You won’t be lacking catchy tunes on your surf for your very own nightlife Bali. Popular artists who have played at Sea Vu Play are OCHY and EL Band, Kusasi and Bian, Trigan Young, to name a few. If you’re bar-hopping to dance the night away, Sea Vu Play Seminyak is among the best bars in Bali to hop on.

Aside from the obvious go-to for Bali nightlife, Sea Vu Play also caters to the more laidback, island vibes. We did previously mentioned that this stylish place also has regular Sunday Markets where locals and tourists alike come and go for some quality Sunday time. Kicking off at 2pm, local and international brands can be found on display. But if shopping is not for you, then chill with a beer at the bar or let the kids have their fun with one of the activities on offer. Various kids activities usually start from 3pm, from mug decorating to fun games, and they also cater to seasonal holidays. To celebrate Easters there are egg hunt, face paint, and bunny hoop. Keeping the little ones entertained and preoccupied won’t be an issue.

Sea Vu Play is the place to go for large groups—it’s a good idea to bring your family here. Unlike your average Bali Bars, this place provides a good selection of kids menu. Bring along your kids together for a lively timeout together!

Bali Bar – Sea Vu Play Is The Best Choice For Seminyak NightlifeBali Bar – Seminyak’s Leading Nightspot Is Sea Vu Play

Surfing through souvenir-worthy items, accessories, ethnic ornaments, clothes and beachwears, with affordable price tags, is definitely a must-try, if you haven’t already. Handmade knitted bikinis and tops, several indie swimwear brands, organic essential oils, and even organic fruits and vegetables—you name it—they might just have ‘em here in this Sea Vu Play’s Bali markets. Come with the mind to explore. Leave with a pleasant surprise. Or better yet, a satisfying purchase.

Don’t want to miss out on your latest sports event? Sea Vu Play is the best bars in Seminyak that caters to your needs for a sense of community and the united fervor that comes from being a part of the crowd. What sports you’re you’re dying to catch with a crowd while you’re in your tropical Bali escapades? Whether it’s the international rugby, UFC, boxing, AFL, you name it, we screen it. Viewers can grab a seat while watching the large screen TVs spread throughout the venue. Or why not book a VIP boat shed booth and view the match on your own private TV. Order in some food and drinks and you’ll definitely be in for a great experience. Bars in Seminyak are often super overpriced, but yours truly Sea Vu Play won’t stress your pocket. Munch on your Mezze Feast or Captains Feast together with your Bintang buddy, and enjoy the screen.

Other events are exciting happenings you might want to check out. Highlights of previous events include “Tropical Fruits” and “State of Origin”. Tropical Fruits boasts the concept of hedonistic fun in the tropics, a collaboration between Sea Vu Play Bali  with Pink Elephant. With the dress code Island Chic, the event colored Bali’s unpredictable July weather by the very first installment of the 7 Elephant Pink Series. Floral-patterned shirts, swinging grass skirts, even garlands—people have rocked it up here. The other major event was State of Origin, screened back in 2017, which, as many of you might have noticed, is the 36th annual best-of-three series between the Queensland and New South Wales rugby league teams. An upcoming event would be on September, Adelaide Crows vs GWS Giants, Fridays Beer Bucket 5 bottles of Bintang is included in the 150K package, so bring your buds along—unless you want to down all the Bintangs yourself, of course. Reservations can be made through the address play at seavuplaybali dotcom, note the dates down! The next Sunday Market as per usual, opens at 2pm, and they would have tattoo corner, Trigan Young Kusasi, and a sundown party on the decks that start 6pm onwards. Make sure to keep your eyes on the website or simply tune in to Sea Vu Play social media and you’re in!

Make sure to reserve a table (or a cabin) for large groups—if you don’t want to come rather early—especially for sporting events. The place is packed fast. And packed it is. Expect a boisterous and rambunctious bunch, cheering—or booing—in unison.

Sea Vu Play is Bali leading nightlife venue. Despite the carefree, island vibe in Bali, as well as its dynamic nightlife scene, Sea Vu Play still remains at its core a venue where family and friends can spend the afternoon or the evening together in a fun setting. Locals and tourists alike can mingle—it can be an opportunity for you to strike a conversation with a local to enrich your travel experience. If you have a hankering to find a venue where you can host your special event or celebration, then Sea Vu Play is the place. With its quirky, vibrant, nautical and island seaside décor, guests will surely have the time of their lives when they celebrate their events here. It’s the overall charm and magnetism of the place that leaves everyone who experiences Sea Vu Play coming back for more.

Holidays are  highlights of fun times in Sea Vu Play. Come and experience Sea Vu Play during Christmas, New Year, or Australia day, celebrate with us and bring your friends and your extended family for a lively feast together. When there’s a cause for celebration, simply just head on over to Sea Vu Play and they will have organized parties to make sure that each special event marks itself as a celebration to remember.

It’s no secret that Sea Vu Play is a perfectly envy-inducing, instagrammable place. One of the best of that the Bali nightlife has to offer, in fact. Beach party atmosphere set by palm trees wrapped in glittering light bulbs, mall cabins are colorfully lining the venue, complete with sofas and just perfect for large groups of people. Vintage hawsers and fishnets are hung here and there, setting forth the nautical vibes, lines of colorful penant flags liven up the atmosphere, while blue-red-white striped poles stood solid. Needless to say, you won’t have a shortage of instagram-worthy corners for your posts, or simply for your daily, wacky ig-stories. Sea Vu Play is more than just a bar especially if you’re all about visuals, vibes, and ambience.

As if it weren’t enough, this nightlife-resto hybrid, excitement-inducing place for nightlife won’t break your bank, especially considering the comparison of food prices in the Seminyak area. Food portions are generous. Lunches and dinners are sure to fill you up. Prices start from 50k going up to 250k, making Sea Vu Play a wallet-friendly go-to Seminyak bars, ready to serve hungry patrons onboard. A generous serving of baby pork ribs is priced at 135k at the time of this writing, a super affordable main course to fill you up.

Bring a special friend, or perhaps a rowdy crowd with you to enjoy the crab linguini or a quattro formagi pizza. Dining together with your partner at Sea Vu Play Bali bar can be a fun experience for just the two of you. For a group of friends, you can start with Spanish Paella, or perhaps a Baked Penne to munch on as you simply talk about life. A delish bowl of green Salad is on the menu if you’d like something with more fibres. A vegetarian pizza is also at the ready, just perfect for two hungry adults, three if you’ve had a starter before. Sip on some cocktails. Try out Wasted Watermelon to freshen you up. If you’re itching for some caffeine, then Salted Caramel Espresso Martini might just be up your alley, and it has been recommended time and again by our lovely diners. A selection of desserts are ready to succulently end your meals—or perhaps, you’re that group who prefer to start off with sweets? Be it banana fritters or ice cream and sorbets, Sea Vu Play is at the ready.

Try the brownies, served with vanilla ice cream, giving you both the thick chocolate flavors, while the gentle touch of vanilla flavors completed the farewell sweet and subtle. Leave with both your mouth and stomach satisfied. However, if you’re much more into the sweet-sour taste to end your meal than the heavy choc, Pavlova and Panacota are a must-try. Gotta love raspberries and the coconut flakes! A certain favorite of mine though, is the Banana Fritters. To the health-conscious individuals, pairing the sides such as saffron rice with a plate of pavlova makes for an excellent light dinner.

People from all walks of life can come in and enjoy what Sea Vu Play has to offer. A family with kids can relax and enjoy a great dinner since Sea Vu Play. Also, if you’re looking for accommodation, go to Hu’u Villas located behind Sea Vu Play for a getaway that you’ll definitely treasure. If you particularly appreciate some Zen concepts, the garden would be a surprisingly pleasing place to find yourself in. it’s simply perfect for honeymoons, couples who are looking for a tropical escape. The private pool is also a feature you’d appreciate. Spending hours just relaxing in the gardens by the pool is actually a perfect afternoon chill plan. By staying here, you’ll also get the best access to the thumping and pumping heart of Seminyak nightlife.

Sunday Market Splurge—A Jolly Experience with an Afternoon Kickoff

The Sea Vu Play Sunday market is definitely not your average Bali market. Definitely not one of those that sells t-shirts and totebags with the writing “I LOVE BALI” with big-bold letters. Ouch. Sea Vu Play Sunday market focuses more in exposing the indigenous brands around, and the products are locally sourced as well. Rest assured there will be no generic stuff around. The brands (or lack thereof) featured in the Sunday markets are organized by young designers, and entrepreneurs. In which many of them are millennials. Quite possibly the best Bali bar that offers such an experience with the focus on indie content in the island.

Just as indigenous and original labels are in abundance, various products and even miscellaneous junks quirky enough for a souvenir are simply plentiful to find at Sea Vu Play Bali market. Reserve a slot in your time to simply explore, soak it all in, and of course, dig through! There are booths and stands dedicated to organic beauty products and spices. Local produce of essential oils such as magnolia, tea tree, jasmine, and many other variants are bottled in rows, some of them can be sampled. Immerse yourself in the scents. Amongst the crowd, the experience is a soothing one, perfect to compliment your already peachy Sunday mood. Oh, don’t forget the organic, all-natural soaps and lotions that are sure to pamper you.

Clothing is another thing Sea Vu Play Sunday market doesn’t lack. Trendy beachwears are yours to browse through and own. Many stalls offer handmade bikinis, several types of knitted tops and the classic denim shorts. If you’re lucky, some loose flip flops perfect for the quintessential Bali beach-outings might be in stock. It might be a challenge trying out outfits in a market setting where there isn’t any proper changing rooms or the mirror is far too small. Just don’t be afraid to ask your vendors to communicate it, if you absolutely must try the piece of clothing properly on the things you’ve set your eyes on. Open communication is always key. Maybe pick an outfit here for the next time you’re going to a Bali bar with that friend you want to take out.

The Sea Vu Play Sunday market has many interesting stuff that are just begging to be taken as souvenirs. Make sure to save some spots on your bag (or get a totebag during your haul) especially if you plan to bring home souvenirs for a bunch of people who are eager to welcome you (and your souvenirs) home. Little trinkets are usually pretty affordable if you’re getting them for your parents plus your cousins and those distance extended family or maybe just for your especially rowdy group of friends. If that totebag you decide to get is pretty quirky, surprise your friends by telling them you bought it at a Bali bar. Not at some fancy malls or boutiques.

Lucky you if you spot fresh produce and locally-grown foods, but they’re hard to miss when they’re in the Sea Vu Play town. Mega-sized carrots and potatoes you won’t find at the local supermarkets are people’s favorite buys. Seasonal fruits are something you’d want to be on the lookout for. Seriously, with the sheer amount varieties this Sunday market has to offer, is there anymore Bali bar that offers such variations when it comes to shopping experience?

If going to a lively market on a bright Bali Sunday is on your list to tick off, then Sea Vu Play is an experience you’d find worth your afternoon. Brilliant design ideas are crafted. The Sea Vu Play is an entity born out of wreckages of ships, the vast oceans, and a thirst of endless adventures. There’s a crew of Salty Babes led by a Captain Aquaholic and her rum seeds treasures. A jumble of fishnets are to be found hanging, along with hawsers, nautical vibes abundance. Not to worry that you’ll sit on broken woods of a shipwreck (of course not). Colorful sofas are set plump for your comfort if you’re coming with a large group. Pillows of blue and red stripes coloring a pristine white are yours to cuddle. Similarly stripe-colored poles stand solid. All in all, you’re going to be surrounded by gorgeous, fun spots for a pic or two. Shopping surrounded by such a fun, stylish deco is a delight in itself.

Sunday markets have that certain social aspect people are particularly attracted to. Social butterflies or not, the warm, buzzing atmosphere of simply being amongst the people who surf for one of a kind, indigenous stuff is an experience itself. The community-oriented feel is particularly attractive to people across generations, definitely not just the millennial spectrum of the generation. Late risers really do not have to worry at stuff selling out by the time they get there—because as we’ve mentioned, this Bali bar Sunday market starts at 2pm. So you can even be the first one to snatch a deal or two! Especially when the crowd hasn’t gathered yet, surfing through stuff at a leisurely pace while you munch on a banana crepe you snatched from the snack stalls would be pleasant as well.

The Balinese in general are known to be super friendly and chatty. you can ask about their products. most of them will be more than happy to entertain you. Don’t be afraid to prod deeper about the products that interests you, as the people who come to this Sunday market sees it as an experience not merely to profit—it’s an activity to go out and meet new people. pretty often, if you get lucky the sellers aren’t simply the employee but the owners themselves. So they will be able to tell you the story behind their brands, their experience, their struggles, and connect with each other at a whole new level. It’s a particularly good opportunity especially if you’re particularly quirked about the young artisans and entrepreneurs of this tropical island. Get their name cards, if you will. It’s an excellent casual setting to network with fellow vendors, perhaps even with potential customers for life, and maybe even a new friend.

All in all, aside from entertaining yourself, the experience is perfectly suitable to bring just about anyone that come across your mind. From kids to your folks, simply a walkthrough the place is something to be soaked in. Have a fun time with the little ones. Bring your partner together for a lively shop. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a Sunday date with yourself, for a much-needed and a much-deserved me-time. Whoever companion you picked, make sure to explore every nook and corners of the market and just let your Sunday be a quality time to unwind.

Hoping to have a fun night in town? You can just dance the night away here. Or in certain occasions, scream the night away in unison (only at the sports events though, where you can’t help it!). Leave your inhibitions and worries behind as you enter the dance floor. Dance away those carbs you’ve just accumulated on dinner. Get that endorphin levels higher and get you pumped up.

Just grabbing a beer or two? Sea Vu Play offers a laidback, island vibe that you can definitely feel once you absorb the charm and ambience as you step inside. Our friendly staffs are here to welcome you and perhaps have a little chat, if you’d like. Ask them about Bali, as a lot of our staffs are young, brilliant hard workers who sometimes come from areas faraway from the Denpasar capital. Ask them about your upcoming trip to Amed if you happen to be served a friendly staff from Karangasem. Or perhaps you’d like to learn some Balinese so you’ll be able to greet or thank the vendor at a local warung—it can be an unexpected opportunity to learn. Nicely strike a conversation and be a willing listener, and you’re in for a warm chat as you waited for your food and beverages to arrive. At the end of the day, you’ll probably have a story to take home as a souvenir.

If dancing your night away is what you’re here for, then don’t wait up. Hop on to the dance floor once the DJ started. Let the musics guide your feet. Or maybe you just wish to simply have some good clean fun? Sea Vu Play offers events that will surely bring out the happy-go-lucky spirit inside of you. It is in these simple details that you can see Sea Vu Play really looks after everyone who comes. Be it a quick bite and a Bintang, market shopping or dancing, Sea Vu Play is more than just a simple bar-restaurant; it’s an experience.

Located in Petinget, Sea Vu Play awaits guests who believe in their philosophy that fun never stops. Everyone is welcome – come to Sea Vu Play for the best tropical paradise experience that Bali has to offer.